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How Do I Get COBRA Insurance?

Posted on: November 25th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Woman reading paperMany people wonder how they can go about getting COBRA insurance and surprisingly the process to get COBRA insurance is actually quite simple.

1.  Ask your employer for the COBRA insurance election form:  Although your employer is mandated by law to provide you with the COBRA insurance election form, it is always beneficial just to ask for it.  This will ensure you will get it as soon as possible.  This form will contain information about the monthly cost as well.

2.  Review the form and determine if COBRA insurance is the best option:  When you receive the form review it carefully to make sure you understand who is eligible, the cost, and the date by which you must enroll.  Then explore alternatives to make sure COBRA is right for you.

3.  Determine which family members will enroll in COBRA insurance:  You do not have to enroll every family member in COBRA to get COBRA insurance.  Make careful decisions about who to enroll and consider if anyone has alternative options for health insurance.

4.  Mail in the election form within 60 days:  You have 60 days to mail in the election form.  Make sure to mail it in on time and you will also need to send in the premium.

5.  Pay your COBRA premiums on time:  COBRA insurance can be cancelled any time the premiums are not paid on time.  Make sure that you always pay the insurance premium on time and reach out to your health insurance provider if you do not think you will be able to.


It’s that simple to get COBRA insurance.


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