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COBRA Dental Insurance

Posted on: April 4th, 2012 by Cobra Insurance Guide

COBRA Dental Insurance

COBRA Dental Insurance is an option many people wonder about when they lose, quit, or retire from their job and are considering COBRA insurance. In many cases people who had dental insurance coverage as a part of their health insurance plan, can continue their dental insurance with COBRA if they qualify under the federal requirements. However in some cases if the dental plan was an additional or optional add-on, or completely separate plan it will not be covered under the federal COBRA insurance laws. Even if you are covered under COBRA dental insurance, you still may want to consider outside dental coverage which can be significantly cheaper than COBRA dental insurance.

If you are considering COBRA Dental Insurance, you should also get a quote for private dental insurance. If you do not have serious dental conditions, it is likely you can get a much cheaper rate than with COBRA insurance. COBRA insurance is expensive since you must pay the entire premium yourself, without employer support, and a 2% administration fee. This normally doubles or even triples the amount you are used to paying. With a private dental plan most people find they can find a plan for 65% less than their COBRA Dental Insurance plan. You can get a free dental insurance quote here to find out what type of dental insurance you may be able to buy. Compare that cost to the cost of COBRA Dental and determine which is the best option for you and your family.


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