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Cal-COBRA Insurance

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Cal-COBRA InsuranceCal COBRA Insurance is a state run California COBRA Insurance program mostly meant for people who do not qualify for federal COBRA coverage. Under the Cal COBRA Plan people who work at companies with fewer than 20 employees can qualify for Cal COBRA and continue to keep their health insurance plan from their employer. Here are the answers to some common questions about Cal-COBRA.

1. Who can sign up for Cal-COBRA?
In most situations, employees as well as their spouse and children can sign up for Cal-COBRA and continue their insurance coverage. This normally applies to anyone who was covered under the employer’s plan. However it is good to keep in mind that the following conditions will make people ineligible for Cal-COBRA:

  • Finding coverage with another group health insurance plan
  • Becoming eligible for the federal COBRA insurance plan
  • Qualifying for Medicare or Medi-Cal

2. What “qualifying events” normally qualify someone for Cal COBRA insurance?
The most common qualifyng events that qualify an employee or family member for Cal COBRA are death of the covered employee, when the employee loses or quits their job, divorce or separation from the covered employee, losing status as a dependent child, or when the covered employee becomes eligible for Medicare.

State COBRA Mini Plans

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

State COBRA InsuranceMany people do not know that if they do not qualify for federal COBRA insurance, they may still qualify for a state run COBRA insurance plan, usually known as mini COBRA insurance.  These plans are meant to help people and usually cover people who work at smaller companies with between 2-19 employees.  They also sometimes extend benefits after COBRA insurance has run out.  The following states offer mini COBRA insurance programs:

State Length of COBRA in months
Arkansas 4
California 36
Colorado 18
Connecticut 36
Iowa 9
Kansas 6
Kentucky 18
Louisiana 12
Maine 12
Maryland 18
Massachusetts 36
Florida 29
Georgia 3
Minnesota 36
Mississippi 12
Missouri 9
Nebraska 12
Nevada 36
New Hampshire 36
New Jersey 36
New York 36
North Carolina 18
North Dakota 36
Ohio 6
Oklahoma 6
Oregon 6
Rhode Island 18
South Carolina 6
South Dakota 36
Tennessee 15
Utah 6
Vermont 12
West Virginia 18
Wisconsin 18
Wyoming 12

How Does COBRA Insurance Work?

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

COBRA Insurance and RetirementMany people have heard of COBRA insurance but few people actually know how it works.  Essentially COBRA insurance works by allowing someone to choose to keep their employer’s health insurance plan after leaving a job, losing a job, or quitting a job.  It was established to help families and make sure they they didn’t suddenly lose health insurance if someone lost their job.  Under the current federal COBRA insurance regulations, most people who lose or quit their job and work for a company with at least 20 employees who receive health insurance will qualify for COBRA.  This benefit also extends of family members.

Once you sign up and elect COBRA insurance, it works just like your prior health insurance plan did since it is the exact same plan.  You can visit the same doctors, will have the same co-payments and deductibles, and same prescription expenses.  The main difference that you will see with COBRA is that you will now have to pay the entire cost of the insurance plus a 2% administration fee.  For many people this will be 50-75% more than what they paid when they were employed.  The COBRA insurance coverage lasts for 18 months in most circumstances.

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