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Understanding COBRA Insurance

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Many people who are currently receiving COBRA insurance, or who have found themselves in need of COBRA insurance in 2011, are curious if there are any major changes to the COBRA insurance 2011 law. Fortunately, there have been no major changes to the COBRA insurance 2011 laws and COBRA insurance eligibility, enrollment, and terms remain virtually completely unchanged. The only significant difference from COBRA insurance in the past couple of years is that there is no longer a government subsidy for COBRA insurance so you are responsible for paying the entire premium yourself. Depending on your situation you may qualify for a tax break.

COBRA Insurance 2011 Basics

COBRA in fact is short for an act approved by congress in 1986 known as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. This act offers employees the option to continue their group medical insurance coverage after losing or quitting their job and extends to their dependents. COBRA insurance in 2011 is still essentially the same law that was passed in 1986 and still to this day protects families from suddenly losing health insurance.

COBRA Insurance 2011 Eligibility Requirements

Following the COBRA insurance law, any employee, retiree, spouse, former spouse, and dependent children could be eligible to continue their medical insurance coverage under COBRA insurance 2011 if they meet 3 basic requirements:

  • Type of Insurance Plan Coverage:
    To be eligible for COBRA insurance in 2011, the medical insurance plan at your former place of work must cover at a minimum of 20 employees.
  • Qualified Beneficiaries:
    This requirement refers to who is eligible to continue their medical insurance coverage under the COBRA insurance 2011 laws. Typically anyone covered under the previous health insurance policy will continue to be eligible for COBRA insurance in 2011. This normally can include spouses, children, and any other dependents.
  • Type of Qualifying Events:
    Under the COBRA Insurance 2011 laws, in order to continue your medical insurance under COBRA, you must have either left your job voluntarily (i.e. quitting) or been terminated from your place of employment without gross misconduct.

COBRA Insurance 2011 Enrollment Information

To enroll in COBRA insurance in 2011, you must complete and submit the election form provided by your employer and group health insurance provider within 60 days of receiving the notification. Once you submit the form and it is processed, your COBRA insurance 2011 benefits will begin and will be retroactive to the date you lost medical insurance coverage.


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