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Health Insurance for the Unemployed

Posted on: October 24th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Stethoscope and PenNot having health insurance can not only be scary but extremely costly if you do end up getting sick.  However, millions of people go without health insurance everyday due to the high cost of having health insurance if you are unemployed.  If you are considering health insurance for the unemployed, here are four choices you may want to consider.

  1. Short Term Coverage:  Short term health insurance plans can be good temporary solutions for the unemployed.  They generally only work for a limited time period and only cover serious medical needs.   Most come with a deductible around $2500 and will not cover office visits or prescriptions.  They also usually do not cover any preexisting conditions.  However, the benefit is that they can cost at low as $35 monthly.
  2. Individual Health Insurance:  Individual health insurance is the health insurance that is most like typical coverage, but it comes at an extremely high price tag for the unemployed.  This can easily cost over $500 monthly if you want full insurance that covers doctor visits and prescriptions.
  3. COBRA Insurance:  If you have left your job within the last 2 months and meet the federal requirements, COBRA insurance may be a good option for you.  It will allow you to keep the same health benefits you had but you will have to pay the full cost.  This cost will be less than you would pay for similar coverage in most cases because you still get the group rate.
  4. No Health Insurance:  The final option is to keep you fingers crossed and not have any health insurance.  Although this is a very risky decisions, millions of people make it.  Due to the high costs, people go without health insurance and go to free and reduced cost clinics for care.

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