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Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance alternatives

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance plans are generally the best option for getting health insurance coverage that meets your needs at a price that works with your finances. Under individual health insurance plans you can choose the deductible, co-payment, and coverage options that best fit your needs. These plans that are provided by private companies, are extremely flexible and can be customized for your health needs and lifestyle. It is smart to always get an insurance quote for a private health insurance plan when considering COBRA insurance because in many cases private companies offer more affordable options. Many people report saving between $50-100 monthly by using a COBRA insurance alternative.

What COBRA insurance alternatives should I consider?

Advantages of Individual Health Insurance Plans

  • In many cases, it provides the most affordable comprehensive care
  • In many cases, it features less expensive monthly premiums
  • Allows you to customize your coverage, you can choose deductible amounts, co-payments, range of plan, and more
  • Most likely your coverage will continue if you move out of state

Disadvantages of Individual Health Insurance Plans

  • Many times limit or exclude for pre-existing health conditions
  • There is a strong likelihood you will have to change doctors
  • You are responsible for finding a plan and maintaining coverage

Individual health Insurance Plans are best for

  • People who do not have existing health concerns, do not visit the doctor often, and are generally young and healthy
  • People looking to customize their insurance coverage and reduce costs
  • People who are nearing the end of their COBRA coverage
  • People who believe they will not find employment soon and prefer continuous coverage

How to Research and Find an Individual Health Insurance Plan

Step 1:

Do your research:

In order to find the best coverage and price for you it is important to research multiple individual health insurance providers. A good place to start is getting instant online quotes and exploring individual insurance provider websites.

Step 2:

Read the fine print:

The quality of an individual health insurance plan lies in the fine print. Make sure you understand your monthly premium, what it covers, deductibles, co-payments, and any limitations or exclusions.


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