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COBRA Insurance Requirements

Posted on: November 21st, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Question There are three main requirements under the federal law to qualify for and enroll in COBRA insurance.  The COBRA insurance requirements are:

1.  Qualifying Event:  This refers to how you lost your employment and health insurance coverage.  Under the federal COBRA insurance requirements, you will meet the qualifying event criteria if you were laid off, quit, or lost your job and there was no presence of gross misconduct.  You can also qualify if your hours were reduced and you are no longer qualified for health insurance.

2: Qualifying Plan:  The qualifying plan COBRA insurance requirements refers to the type of health insurance plan that your employer had.  In most cases if your employer’s plan covered 20 employees, or their part time equivalents,  you will be eligible for COBRA health insurance.

3:  Qualifying Beneficiaries:  The last COBRA insurance requirement refers to who is eligible for COBRA insurance.  In most cases any spouse and dependents will be covered.  This usually means that anyone that was covered can remain covered.


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