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COBRA Insurance Regulations

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Stethoscope and PenThe COBRA insurance regulations outline who is eligible to receive COBRA insurance, for how long, and what exactly the coverage can look like.  COBRA insurance regulations were passed in 1986 by the federal government as a protection to employees.  This protection made certain that an employee and their family wouldn’t suddenly lose their health insurance if they were laid off or lost their job.

Under the COBRA insurance regulations, most people who had health insurance from their employer and weren’t fired for gross misconduct, like theft, can enroll in COBRA and keep their insurance.  The COBRA insurance regulation outlines that this continuation of coverage will be at full cost to the employee and normally lasts for 18 months.  It also says that the benefits extends to family members and other dependents who can also keep their coverage.


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