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COBRA Insurance Divorce

Posted on: November 14th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Getting a divorce can be hard enough and then on top of that you have to make difficult decisions about health insurance.  What many people do not realize is that getting a divorce is a covered qualifying event under COBRA.  So what does that mean?  That means if you were on your spouse’s health insurance plan and it meets the federal plan requirements, that you can keep your health insurance coverage for up to 18 months in the event of divorce.

You will need to get COBRA insurance election forms from your spouse’s health insurance company.  Usually a quick phone call can accomplish this.  You will then have 60 days to complete the paperwork and sign up for COBRA health insurance.  Once you sign up you will be responsible for paying the entire premium to keep the insurance.  It can be cancelled at any time should you find your own health insurance, get a job with health insurance, or get remarried.


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