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Three Common COBRA Medical Insurance Problems and What To Do About It

Posted on: April 11th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Woman reading paperWe all wish that signing up for COBRA insurance was smooth sailing, but sometimes we encounter problems along the way.  Learn how to deal with three common COBRA Insurance problems if you happen to run into them.

  1. You never received your COBRA medical insurance enrollment package from your employer: Your former employer and health insurance provider have 30 days in which to notify you and provide you with an enrollment package.  If it has only been a couple of days, wait it out.  If a couple of weeks have passed, reach out to your employer and health insurance provider and assume the best.  Check with your former employer as well as your health insurance provider to make sure that they have your current mailing address and information.   If the 30 days have passed, immediately contact the Department of Labor.  You may have cause for litigation since it is required by law that they provide this enrollment form.
  2. Your former employer goes out of business and cancels their group health insurance plan: Unfortunately in this situation, under the current COBRA medical insurance law, you are no longer eligible to receive continued health insurance coverage with COBRA.  Begin to look for alternative medical insurance plans and explore all of your options.
  3. Your COBRA medical insurance premium increased dramatically but no one ever told you: Unfortunately you are subject to any increases in costs that any employer still working with the company would experience.  There are no measures in the COBRA insurance law that requires that your costs do not change in line with any other group health insurance cost increases.  It is common courtesy for them to inform you, but even if they do not you will have to pay the increased COBRA insurance premium or find alternative health insurance if you can not afford it.

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