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Medicare and COBRA Insurance

Posted on: April 17th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

Man writingMany people have lots of questions about COBRA insurance, specifically for their spouses and dependents, if they find themselves eligible for Medicare due to disability or other causes.  It is important to know what COBRA health insurance coverage your family will be able to maintain if you begin to qualify under Medicare and honestly it depends on your situation.

If the COBRA insurance that you are currently enrolled in is because of your previous employer and you become qualified for Medicare, this is considered a second qualifying event under the federal COBRA insurance law.  This means that you spouse and any dependents are now eligible for an additional 7 months of coverage under the COBRA medical insurance laws.

However, if you were a dependent or spouse, who is now qualified  for Medicare, the COBRA insurance continuation of health insurance will end at the length of the initial term and you will no longer be able to receive health insurance under COBRA.


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