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How Do I Apply For COBRA Insurance?

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Cobra Insurance Guide

People holding handsMany people wonder to themselves, “How Do I Apply For COBRA Insurance?” after losing a job or quitting their job.  It is already a stressful time and this can be one additional hassle that people worry about.  Luckily, applying for COBRA insurance is extremely easy and just takes a small amount of paperwork.

1.  Get the COBRA Insurance Election form from your employer:  In most cases your employer will provide you with a COBRA election form within 14 days of your health insurance ending.  This form contains the names of the people who are eligible for COBRA, the cost, and the date by which you must apply.  You can always ask your employer for the form to get it sooner and apply for COBRA.

2.  Complete the form:  Next you just need to complete the form in its entirety to apply for COBRA insurance.  Include the names of everyone who is signing up and review the form.

3.  Mail the COBRA application form in with the premium:  Finally you will have 60 days to apply for COBRA.  Once you are ready, mail in the form with the premium payment.


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